Beyond User Names and Passwords in Life Sciences

Beyond Usernames and Passwords in Life Sciences

Increasingly, the success of life sciences companies is about their ability to deliver value through better patient outcomes. But while this shift creates infinite new possibilities to reinvent the patient experience and redefine the future of healthcare, it also introduces life sciences organisations to new security risks. Delivering better outcomes demands greater use of real-world evidence — more collaboration and data sharing across the healthcare ecosystem which, in turn, exposes vulnerabilities.

In this webinar, we will be looking at recent trends and exploring how critical digital trust is for Life Sciences to drive future business growth and shared prosperity. Our host Roel Peeters, nextAuth CTO, is joined by Fabrice Deval, Accenture’s CyberSecurity service lead for Life Sciences. Both have spent their career helping organisations build digital trust while offering a superior user experience. Together, they walk you through the implications of this new paradigm and consider ways to balance the two apparently conflicting drivers of productivity and security.

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