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Enable frictionless and secure mobile user authentication for your customers and employees. We keep out the rest. 


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 Implement our mobile SDKs or deploy our standalone app to turn your users’ phones into secure login devices.  Enable your users to log into your mobile and web applications and to sign transactions with a biometric scan on their mobile phone, backed up by a PIN code. The patented True MFA™ technology ensures all factors are verified in zero-knowledge, prevents account takeovers and guarantees non-repudiation of e-signatures. 

Frictionless Authentication

Enable your users to log into your mobile and web applications with a biometric scan on their mobile phone, with a PIN code as a fallback method. Reduce authentication complexity, cut login time, slash your drop-off rate and counter password fatigue.

Plug in nextAuth and Let us Prevent Account Takeovers and Fraud

Embed our mobile SDK into your app and user’s phone, and turn it into a secure device. Our public key cryptography ensures that the private key never leaves the phone and that the server verifies it in zero-knowledge, making it impossible for bad actors to impersonate a legitimate user.

Seamless Integration Capabilities and Broad Coverage

The nextAuth server runs either on-premise infrastructure or on your cloud. Our RESTful API and integrated IdP via SAML or OIDC guarantee seamless integration into your applications and your systems.

Quick user onboarding

Our flexible technology, solid mobile SDK, and RESTful API allow your company to rapidly and seamlessly scale your authentication app to new markets and users.

Patented True Multi-Factor Authentication™ Technology

Our patented True MFA™ technology prevents an attacker who controls either the nextAuth server or the user’s mobile device from impersonating the user. Additionally, our technology ensures logins, authorizations, and signatures made with the nextAuth mobile SDK are non-repudiable. Here’s how:

Use intuitive authentication factors in your mobile authentication setup

Guaranteed Non-Repudiation And Admissibility

Allow your users to sign documents and confirm transactions in compliance with eIDAS requirements. nextAuth’s public-key cryptography guarantees the authenticity of signatures and makes them court-admissible.

Secure Push Notifications and App-Backend Communication

nextAuth adds a layer of encryption to the push notifications sent to your app. Exchange messages directly between your app and your backend server over a separate secure channel. Turn your regular sales, marketing, and helpdesk channels into highly secure ones.

Reduce your TCO

You and your team won’t have to spend nearly as much time responding to authentication issues. Additionally, you won’t have to waste budget on SMS, hardware security modules (HSMs), hardware tokens, or card readers.

Financial Services

We’ve partnered up with the Isabel Group to strengthen their business identity software, TruliUs. Our unique technology guarantees compliance with RTS on PSD2 and eIDAS requirements and improves the user experience of their tool. Discover how we can provide the same level of authentication and e-signatures services to your organisation.

Educational Institutions

Belgium’s largest university, KU Leuven, chose us to provide technology that seamlessly harmonises user-friendliness and security for their 200.000 students and staff. Here’s how your educational institution will benefit from using our technology.

HR Service Providers

SD Worx deployed our mobile authentication and e-signing technology to make data & server access, remote working, time-registration, annual leave requests, and other HR-related activities as frictionless and secure as possible. Here’s how we can help you smoothen your HR services.

Healthcare, Insurance & Life Sciences

Our software enables you to own the authentication process, secure your staff’s and your patients’ classified data, and guarantee non-repudiation and admissibility of e-signatures at a mass scale.

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