Secure and User-Friendly MFA for Logistics and Transportation

Allow your staff and visitors to access buildings and terminals, pick up packages and containers, and log into mobile and desktop apps with a biometric scan or PIN code on their own phone. 

Logistics and Transportation

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Logistics and Transportation

Grant easy and secure access to your staff
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Provide frictionless authentication to give safe and swift entry

Enable your employees and visitors to pick up containers, access buildings and terminals and log into mobile and desktop apps with a biometric scan and PIN code on their own secured mobile device. 

Prevent theft and narcotics trade, and comply with SCA, CPU and eIDAS

The True MFA technology and advanced asymmetric cryptography prevents bad actors from accessing terminals and buildings, picking up containers, logging into apps and sign electronically. Even if they get access to a user’s phone or the nextAuth server. Our tech helps organisations comply with SCA, CPU, eIDAS and GDPR mandates.

Patented True Multi-Factor Authentication™ Technology

Our patented True MFA™ technology prevents an attacker who controls either the nextAuth server or the user’s mobile device from impersonating the user. Additionally, our technology ensures logins, authorizations, and signatures made with the nextAuth mobile SDK are non-repudiable. Here’s how:

Use intuitive authentication factors in your mobile authentication setup

Guarantee the Non-Repudiation of Transactions and e-Signatures

Allow your employees to digitally sign documents and confirm pickups in compliance with eIDAS requirements. The asymmetric cryptography guarantees the authenticity of e-signatures and makes them non-repudiable and court-admissible.

Implement nextAuth seamlessly into your systems

The nextAuth server runs on either on-premise infrastructure or cloud, and provides a RESTful API for easy integration into your applications. Our integrated IDP allows you to connect all your systems via standard mechanisms like SAML or OIDC. 

Secure Push Notifications and App-Backend Communication

nextAuth adds a layer of encryption to the push notifications sent to your app, ensuring that only the intended user can read them. Exchange messages directly between your app and your backend server over a separate secure channel. Turn your regular sales, marketing, and helpdesk channels into highly secure ones.

Quickly onboard new users

Our flexible technology, solid mobile SDK, and RESTful API allow your company to rapidly and seamlessly scale your authentication app to new markets and users.

Save money

Stop wasting money on access terminals and physical tokens, HSMs, passwords and other expensive methods. Prevent loss of merchandise and related fines by securing entry to your terminals buildings.

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