Ready-Made and Flexible Mobile Passwordless MFA for IT Services Providers

Stop wasting time and money building  authenticator apps for your clients. Help your customers stay on top of users’ authentication demands, provide a stellar UX and fend off all password-related attacks with our Mobile Passwordless MFA white-label app or mobile SDK.

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We Take Care Of Your Clients' MFA Needs

nextAuth helps you stay on top of your clients’ demands for advanced MFA features. By deploying our white-label app or integrating the mobile SDK you can save time and money otherwise spent on developing, maintaining and updating an authenticator system. Instead, allocate your resources on core app functionalities. We’ll provide easy-to-integrate mobile passwordless MFA solutions built on the latest security algorithms and a stellar user experience.

Provide Frictionless Authentication

Reduce authentication complexity, cut login time by 92%, slash your drop-off rate and counter password fatigue by allowing users to authentication with a biometric scan on their mobile phone, with a PIN code as a fallback method.

Stop Account Takeovers And Fraud

nextAuth’s software goes beyond PSD2/SCA, eIDAS and GDPR requirements. Our patented True MFA™ technology provides the highest form of protection and safeguards your and your customers data and money. Our software fends off all phishing, guessing, brute-forcing, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Reduce Development Costs

Implement our mobile SDK or deploy our white-label app to avoid wasting money on finding and paying staff to build complex and costly deep features. Allocate your resources on core app functionality and let nextAuth handle your customers’ advanced MFA demands.

Seamlessly Integrate nextAuth Into All Systems

The nextAuth server can either run on your on-premise infrastructure or your cloud, and provides a RESTful API for easy integration with all business applications. Our integrated IDP allows you to connect all your customers’ systems via standard mechanisms like SAML or OIDC.

Speed Up Your Time-To-Market

Our flexible technology, solid mobile SDK, and RESTful API allow organisations to rapidly and seamlessly scale their authentication app to new markets and onboard scores of users.

Patented True Multi-Factor Authentication™ Technology

Our patented True MFA™ technology prevents an attacker who controls either the nextAuth server or the user’s mobile device from impersonating the user. Additionally, our technology ensures logins, authorizations, and signatures made with the nextAuth mobile SDK are non-repudiable. Here’s how:

Use intuitive authentication factors in your mobile authentication setup
IT Services Providers


You can either deploy nextAuth as a white-label authenticator app or seamlessly integrate our SDK into your apps to provide your users in-app logins, remote logins, authorizations, and digital signatures.

Secured Communication

Secure Communication

nextAuth adds a layer of encryption to the push notifications sent to your app, ensuring that only the intended user can read them. This enables you to exchange messages directly between your app and your backend server over a separate secure channel and turn your regular sales, marketing, and helpdesk channels into highly secure ones.

IT Services Providers

User Experience

By providing an end-to-end solution, nextAuth can guarantee a fluid user experience. In contrast to regular solutions, we don’t rely on the browser to redirect or store any information. If you change devices, there is no need for another identifier in the browser.

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IT Services Providers

With the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), the EU aims to reduce the risk of fraud in electronic payment services. Towards this goal it mandates the adoption of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). The European Banking Authority’s (EBA) wrote the Regulatory Technical Standard (RTS) for SCA. This document describes how nextAuth meets the relevant requirements.

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nextAuth PSD2 SCA compliancy report