Mobile SDK

No more 3rd party authenticator apps. Plug nextAuth’s mobile SDKs into your customer-facing mobile and web apps, and delight your customers with mobile passwordless True MFA™ across all devices.

Passwordless MFA Embedded in Your Apps and Across All Devices

nextAuth’s Mobile SDKs recreate the core functionality you need to make your app and web portals completely passwordless. They allow you to manage accounts and authentication sessions, and provide step-up authentication mechanisms. Embed it into your app and offer your users a branded, frictionless, biometric, and mobile MFA experience across all your mobile and web applications.

Mobile SDK
e-signatures non-repudiation

Quick and Seamless Integration

Our robust SDKs, detailed documentation and devoted integration support team will enable you to implement our Mobile SDKs quickly. Click the button below to see our in-depth documentation.

An Additional Layer of Patented True MFA™

The second factor is verified in a smart cryptographic way at the server without revealing it, guaranteeing zero-knowledge verification.

Mobile SDK

Turn your App Into

e-signatures non-repudiation
A passwordless MFA authenticator for all your mobile and web apps, kiosks, etc.
A strong signature device, surpassing PSD2/SCA requirements and providing strong non-repudiation of the signature.
Mobile SDK
A tool that secures communication between your app and your back-end server, protecting push notifications and communication channels.
Mobile passwordless authentication integrated into phone through mobile SDK or white-label app

Frictionless and Brandable

  • Integrate the mobile SDKs into your native web or mobile apps to maintain a branded authentication experience.
  • Have your users log in with on-device biometrics to guarantee the most intuitive and secure authentication experience.
  • Define your own enrolment flow that fits the ease of our enrolment process.
  • Allow users to manage their authentication account and pick the most suitable authentication factors.
    Offer smart, automated context-based authentication mechanisms with minimal to no friction.

Seamlessly Scalable

  • Embed the mobile SDKs in a dedicated authenticator app or enable AppLogin in your main app.
  • Provide your customers with frictionless enrolment capabilities with enrolment QR codes, push messages or deep links.
  • Allow your customers to self-manage their authentication settings.
  • Enable the customers to re-enrol with the same process if they lose their mobile device.
Quickle Scalable
Mobile SDK

Patented Security

  • Make your apps completely passwordless to prevent phishing, credential theft, guessing, brute-forcing and other cyber attempts.
  • Benefit from our patented strong authentication protocol that includes zero-knowledge.
  • Set up PIN codes as a backup method to biometrics.
  • Keep your users’ identity a secret by not disclosing their credentials to a third party when they authenticate.
  • Keep track of all authentication sessions.
  • Be sure of the user’s identity because of continuous authentication.

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