Provide your users with a frictionless and mobile-first e-Signatures solution.
Ensure non-repudiation and admissibility of e-signatures, confirmations and transactions.

Frictionless e-signatures solution

Frictionless And Secure e-signatures

Your users will be able to electronically sign contracts and confirm transactions with a mere biometric scan on their own mobile phone, with a PIN code as a fallback method. The entire process is built on our patented True MFA™ and prevents phishing, brute-forcing, guessing and other cyber attacks.

Strong Non-Repudiation

With nextAuth’s technology e-signatures can only be generated on the user’s mobile device, after server-assisted verification of the user’s second factor. No one else, not even the server, has access to the private signing key.
e-signatures non-repudiation
e-signatures are lawful and court admissible

Lawful and Court-Admissible

Advanced e-signatures generated with our e-signatures solution are court-admissible. Save money and the environment by doing things digitally instead of on paper.

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