Use case Diabatix

Joris Coddé

Diabatix wanted two factor authentication for security, we also wanted it to be really smooth. This was not possible with classical solutions. nextAuth combines ease of use and security.

Diabatix is Belgian company that specializes in generative thermal design. They focus on heat transfer and designing cooling components. Their AI-powered software helps the high powered tech of today and tommorow with designing, analysing, and optimizing heat sinks and cold plates. And it does so with extreme speed and efficiency.

With the trend of power densification, it is really a challenge to cool and limit the temperatures inside devices. Diabatix is able to increase the performance of cooling by 20 percent. By using Diabatix’ designs, their customers have an edge in designing their own components.

screen Diabatix platform

Their clients can upload their component specifications to request thermal designs and engineering services through a webplatform. Given the senstive nature of these component specifications, Diabatix takes the security of this webplatform seriously. Diabatix needed a two factor authentication solution to secure the access to their webplatform. At the same time, they also wanted to provide their customers with a smooth and easy user experience.

Diabatix was convinced that the nextAuth solution was more secure and efficient then other alternatives they were considering. Their customers can now sign in with a 2FA solution, without needing usernames and passwords. They just use the nextAuth app on their mobile in combination with a PIN or fingerprint. As a bonus, customers have extra control over their sessions at the webplatform: they can logout at any time from their nextAuth app.

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