One Package, Three Products

Mobile authentication

Mobile Authentication

Securely log into your web portal or in-app without the hassle of a password or even a username.

Frictionless 2FA

2-Factor Authentication is a simple as providing your biometric or PIN into the nextAuth-enabled app (the app itself provides the first possession-based factor).

Patented True 2FATM

The second factor is verified in a smart cryptographic way at the server without revealing it.


Highest Level of Security

The nextAuth solution is immune to phishing, guessing, brute-forcing and man-in-the-middle attacks. Moreover, nextAuth only stores public keys at the server, allowing the server to verify users but not to impersonate them.


Deploy nextAuth as a white label authenticator app or include our SDK into your apps.

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Sign documents and transactions compliant with the requirements for advanced electronic signatures (eIDAS) and Strong Customer Authentication (PSD2).

Strong Non-Repudiation

The signature can only have been generated on the user’s mobile device, after server-assisted verification of the user’s second factor (PIN or biometric). No-one else, not even the server, has (access to) the private signing key.

Lawful and Court-Admissible

An advanced electronic signature shall not be denied legal effect and admissibility as evidence in legal proceedings. Save money and the environment by doing things digitally instead of on paper.


Secured Communication

Direct communication between your app and your back-end server with the same security.

Secured Notifications

nextAuth adds a layer of encryption to the push notifications sent to your app, making sure that only the intended user can read them.

Secured Two-Way Communication

Exchange messages over a separate secure channel directly between your app and your back-end server. Turn your regular sales, marketing, and helpdesk channels into highly secure ones.

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