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nextAuth and Isabel Group partner to provide mobile authentication for TruliUs

The Isabel Group is the largest fintech company in Belgium. They contacted nextAuth to help them develop TruliUs, a B2B identity, authentication and e-signature system. In this case study, you’ll discover:

  • The Isabel Group’s authentication needs
  • Why they chose nextAuth’s mobile authentication technology
  • The features we provided the Isabel Group with
truliUs solution - nextAuth and Isabel Group
Overview of the TruliUs solution © TruliUs

A staple in Belgium's fintech

The Isabel Group simplifies companies’ administrative processes to allow them to focus on their core businesses. They ensure the smooth and secure exchange of documents, payments and identities between all parties in a company’s financial chain. The end goal is to create a flawless flow of information and transactions.

A mobile-first B2B identity, authentication and e-signature tool

To do so, businesses need to be able to sign securely and authorise employees to sign on a business’s behalf. That’s where Isabel Group CIO Tim Van Der Wee identified a flaw:

“We think that, specifically in a B2B context, there’s a lack of trusted B2B identities, which makes B2B interaction more complex. We wanted to help companies clarify which employees get the authority to sign documents and make payments on behalf of their company. That’s why we created TruliUs.”

TruliUs is consists of a mobile app and a desktop platform. The mobile app serves as a B2B mobile authenticator and e-signature app that allows individual collaborators to sign and pay on behalf of their company and change roles if needed.

The desktop platform enables businesses to monitor all B2B authentication and e-signature activity.

Working with nextAuth is inspiring. They provided us with new ideas and a technology that is easier to integrate and imposes fewer requirements on our infrastructure than the traditional products.
Tim Van der Wee - CIO Isabel Group
Tim Van Der Wee
CIO Isabel Group

Why the Isabel Group chose nextAuth

The TruliUs app team quickly realised they needed an external partner to provide mobile authentication technology for their mobile app. They defined three essential requirements.

Firstly, user-friendliness: “Our main challenge was to create a secure and user-friendly. For most users, user-friendliness is non-negotiable. Users will abandon whatever you’re offering if you’re product isn’t user-friendly. We wanted it to be able to work on multiple platforms and support push notifications, to be as low-friction as possible”, Van Der Wee described.

Secondly, e-signature capabilities. The mobile authentication solution would also need to provide e-signature capabilities.

A third critical requirement was the speed and ease of integration in our mobile app and infrastructure: “We wanted to be able to seamlessly implement the mobile authentication technology into the TruliUs mobile app and backend.”

After some research, the Isabel Group’s CIO found nextAuth’s standalone authenticator app: “We downloaded the authenticator app in the Google Play Store, used its RESTful API to integrate it, and played around with it before we contacted them.”

What nextAuth provided the Isabel Group with

According to Van Der Wee, the collaboration with nextAuth went smoothly: “The nextAuth team helped us tremendously by providing the authentication technology and developing functionalities of the TrulIus app.”

We provided them with a bespoke mobile authentication solution equipped with a wide variety of functionalities, including:

  • mobile passwordless authentication that uses the user’s mobile phone, biometric scan and PIN code as authentication factors.
  • e-signature capabilities with guaranteed non-repudiation and court admissibility
  • smooth integration enabled by the RESTful API, integrated IDP, and support from nextAuth’s integration experts.
  • strong authentication based on public-key cryptography, minimising risk and guaranteeing non-repudiation and admissability of all authentications and transactions;
  • compliance with the RTS on Strong Customer Authentication (PSD2) and advanced electronic signatures (eIDAS)

nextAuth achieved a major milestone in the financial services market by partnering with Belgium's largest fintech company. This partnership with Isabel Group confirms that the security level expected in financial services can go hand in hand with a great user experience.

About nextAuth

nextAuth is a spin-off of KU Leuven and imec. It provides highly innovative mobile user authentication technology to companies. nextAuth’s innovation lies in combining a great user experience with the highest standards in security.

About Isabel Group

Isabel Group has evolved from the leading provider of multi-banking services for professionals to the Belgium’s biggest fintech with 25 years of experience. Isabel Group is constantly reinventing itself and their offerings. Isabel Group’s mission is to help organisations focus on their core challenges by removing any friction or hassle from administrative processes. This through enabling the seamless and secure exchange of documents, payments and identities.

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