iWelcome Mobile Identity launched using nextAuth’s passwordless strong authentication technology

‘iWelcome Mobile Identity’ launched using nextAuth’s passwordless strong authentication technology

nextAuth is proud to announce a first in a series of partnerships in the (Consumer) Identity & Access Management space. iWelcome is a leading Identity-as-a-Service platform with extensive support for B2C and B2B use cases. Using nextAuth technology, iWelcome launched ‘iWelcome Mobile Identity’ for providing  passwordless two-factor authentication (2FA) to their IDaaS platform.

Marco Venuti - VP Product Management of iWelcome

"Our clients - whether they are in insurances, utility companies, multi-media platforms or government departments - want to offer their customers intuitive experiences no matter which device they are using. nextAuth’s products have been designed to deliver the best user experience without compromising on security. The solution allows to natively integrate user-friendly frictionless mobile authentication flows for our clients user base, whether these users are consumers, employees or business partners.”

‘iWelcome Mobile Identity’ launched using nextAuth’s passwordless strong authentication technology

“It is our mission to protect users in their online interactions by making complex authentication technology easy. Users can easily and quickly log in, approve transactions, put digital signatures and benefit from secure communication, without compromising security. By partnering up with (C)IAM players like iWelcome, we can deliver the nextAuth technology in a fully integrated offering.”

‘iWelcome Mobile Identity’ launched using nextAuth’s passwordless strong authentication technology

iWelcome’s offer of nextAuth technology consists of an out-of-the-box mobile authentication app for Android and iOS, fully integrated with iWelcome’s Identity-as-a-Service platform. As such, customers enjoy unparalleled banking-grade passwordless two-factor authentication, e-signing and secure messaging. For customers that have their own apps, a mobile SDK is provided for embedding these features directly.  As such, app builders can keep their focus on building functionality while relying on nextAuth and iWelcome for securing the user’s online interactions.

Background information


nextAuth is a technology spin-off that originated out of Belgium’s top cryptographic university research department imec/KU Leuven COSIC. nextAuth provides an innovative mobile user authentication technology to companies. nextAuth’s innovation lies in combining a great user experience with the highest standards in security. The nextAuth solution can be fully integrated, both on the mobile side and on the server side, giving the user a seamless branded experience. Organisations can rely on nextAuth to take away the complexity of dealing with cryptography and keeping track of quickly evolving mobile environments.


iWelcome is Europe’s # 1 Customer Identity platform (CIAM). They give organisations in finance and other selected industries the agility and speed to provide their consumers and business partners secure & seamless access across portals, apps and things. Trusted identities and easy access are the corner stone in any winning digital strategy; with iWelcome’s cloud service that’s all being taken care off. Born and headquartered in Europe, iWelcome provides features such as Flexible Onboarding, Identity Validation, Consent Management, GDPR support, MFA and Delegation. All of this provided via multi-branded-UI and API’s, making iWelcome one of the most flexible CIAM solutions on the market. Analysts like Gartner and KuppingerCole have been recognising iWelcome as a worldwide Product Leader with “Excellence” ratings since 2014. On top of that, iWelcome is the largest certified supplier for the Dutch government ID ‘eHerkenning’, notified under eIDAS.


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